Meet the crew!

Susanne de Boer


"Sommige mensen hun ruggegraat lost nou eenmaal op in alcohol"

Susanne doesn't even study AI or CS, but she is a lovely girl nonetheless. She will be your leader during the ExCee trip, so be good to her. If you want a special treatment during the trip, get her a non-alcoholic drink! Our lovable chairwoman isn't really a crazy cat lady, but she is always there when Dibbes forgets to clean his behinds (that's his ass!).

Marieke Kopmels


"Ik ga naar huis, het was gezellig."
"Sorry, maar dit gaat hem echt niet worden."
"Nee, jij bent gezakt."

Marieke is very cool, so cool she can even vice-chair a meeting from her bed whilst the rest of the committee is sitting downstairs. She also spits Jawbreakers into the bushes like it's some kind of cannonball. Next to that, she has a fish called Lekkerbekje, which is kind of mean. Every time you wink, a new fish is born in Marieke's fishtank.

Janco van der Molen


"Basic bitches zijn ook helemaal niet verkeerd."

Our Frisian secretary doesn't understand how LaTeX works. Also, he doesn't understand volume control. Every time he has consumed a single drup of alcohol, this man sounds like Piet Paulusma. If you don't know who that is, click Janco's photo. Never let Janco do the grocery shopping, or the cutting of vegetables, or anything related to food. Oh well, he can't help it though, he's Frisian...

Barbera de Mol


"Ik spaar kipnuggets op Facebook!"

Added Jan Christiaan on Facebook because she thought it was someone else. Now they aren't friends on Facebook, maybe (it's complicated). Also, Barbera thinks she's the most prominent in de tent girl. With the same talent she uses to score during her soccer games she keeps score of our budget. We're sorry you had to endure this night being sober because of your driving exam, just don't forget to wave to indicate in which direction you're going.

Yannick Stoffers

Senior Advisor

"Even lief zijn."

Yannick is a very sweet boy. Except when he's challenging his dad to a spicy food contest: the first to cry pays for dinner. We think he will be of great help during the trip, because he already has a lot of ExCee experience. If people are behaving badly or just being obnoxious, expect him to just say: "Even lief zijn", so make sure you're on your best behaviour.

Jan Christiaan Zwier

Commissioner 10%

"Ik wil wel Commissioner 10% zijn."
"Dit gaat het bestuur niet goedkeuren."
"Kijk, als mensen het niet erg vinden om geslagen te worden, dan sla ik ze gewoon als ik de kans krijg."
"Ik ga niet naast Marieke zitten, want dan komt het niet goed."
"Slik hem gewoon door."
"Houd even op met je voeten."
"Oh, hier ligt ook nog wat."
"Hoezo heb ik nu ineens zeven quotes?"

Jan Christiaan, our own internetgekkie and lovely Commissioner 10%, doesn't really know the difference between a gum ball and a non-gum ball. If that doesn't make sense to you, think about the time that he won 16 ekken with LUCKY13. That was the prime of his life, because that means he can almost participate in the ExCee! YAY! After 10% of the trip you might not see him again. Also, JC believes February is the first month of the year. Then again, he's Frisian, so that makes sense.


Committee Mascot


Dibbes is a cat. He has Instagram if you want to see more cute pictures (you know you want to, just click on his picture).

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