enlite.ai was established on the idea of becoming a full-range service provider for Artificial Intelligence - from strategy and concept development to prototyping and implementation. The rise of Artificial Intelligence is the most significant development of our time, with consequences across all industries and company functions. Enlite.ai wants to democratize this development by enabling companies of all sizes to become AI leaders in their field. With our rich expertise in both business and technology we are uniquely positioned to help our clients to introduce Artificial Intelligence based solutions in their daily operations.

The Activity

26th of April · 13:00

EnliteAI is a Vienna based company that will organize a company meet up for us, where several interesting companies will tell us more about the things they're working on now and how they are applied in to the real world. At the moment we're still busy making a selection of the companies, so stay tuned for an update of the specific company names!

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