Hey there, awesome that you're interested in the ExCee trip of 2019! Below you'll already find some information about our destinations and programme. Be sure to check our website regularly for updates about the programme ExCee with more details and information.


We'll start of our trip in Vienna, this gorgeous city isn't just filled with beautiful old buildings, interesting museums, princess Sissi's palace and a university that has an entire AI research institute. Vienna also is the home of a great number of interesting IT companies and has a great nightlife!


After spending some time in lovely Vienna we'll continue our trip to Bratislava, the city that you could know for it's castle on a hill alongside the Danube, cheep beers and lots of culture. During our visit we'll be sure to enjoy all the greatness this city has to offer!


Budapest is ofcourse home to a lot of bathing houses, were we'll end our trip with a relaxing spa day. Before we endulge in this, we'll obviously be sure to spend our days enjoying this cities culture, admire it's beauty and look into it's businesslife.

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