25th of April · 22:15

Train to Schiphol

We will go sightseeing through Drenthe, Gelderland and Flevoland, and finally arrive at Schiphol. Once arrived, there will be plenty of time to actually enjoy your overpriced McNuggets or Starbucks vanilla mochaccino frappe. Also, we'll all go through security, whom will make sure we won't bring any excess amounts of water or toe nail clippers. Once everyone's approved we will slowly but surely move towards the gate and eventually take off and really start our journey!
It's going to be lit fam!

Destination: Vienna

26th of April · 13:00

Company meet-up hosted by EnliteAI

EnliteAI is a Vienna based company that will organize a company meet up for us, where several interesting companies will tell us more about the things they're working on now and how they are applied in to the real world. At the moment we're still busy making a selection of the companies, so stay tuned for an update of the specific company names!

27th of April

King's Day Party

On the birthday of our very own King, we will explore the nightlife this wondrous city has to offer! We'll make sure that everyone is properly dressed according to this theme, and we will make some amazing memories. Why? Just because our King was born sometime in the past, but that should be reason enough, right?

28th of April

Sch├Ânnbrunn Palace visit

Ever wondered how the Habsburg family lived? Ever wanted to see one of the most iconic palaces in the world from the inside? Ever wanted to walk in the backyard of a king? This is your chance!

29th of April · 09:45

Technological preview of TourRadar

TourRadar is the world's largest and most-trusted online platform to book multi-day tours. We will learn about the platform they built and the challenges they face. They built one of the largest online booking platforms in the world, and are willing to tell us more about it. On the final day in Vienna we will visit one of the most interesting companies the city has to offer.

Destination: Bratislava

29th of April

Pub Crawl through Bratislava

We are currently in contact with local student bodies to organise an awesome pub crawl. Check back regularly to keep yourself posted about developments!

Destination: Budapest

2nd of May · 14:00

Visit to Xdroid

In Budapest we will visit Xdroid, which uses machine learning and AI solutions to improve companies' customer service. They develop voice and text analytics tools that can classify calls and trigger the correct reponse. For example, they can detect threatening calls by using keyword and emotion filters.

2nd of May

Pizza and Booze Cruise

This gorgeous city is even more pretty from the waterside, especially at night. So we're going to enjoy this view from the river, at night on this 2 hour unlimited beer cruise while enjoying a lovely pizza.

3rd of May

Spa Day

After a week filled with amazing activities we'll take the time to power ourselves up again on this last full day of our trip. And of course, what better way to do this than paying a visit to one of Budapest's wonderful bathing houses to treat ourselves with a spa day?

Destination: Schiphol

4th of May

Going Back Home

After nine intensive days of being amazing somewhere else, we will have landed back on Schiphol and take the train back home. By visiting the exact same locations as during the way to Schiphol you won't see anything new during this final sightseeing trip. But at least you should have made some lovable memories that will last for life! <3

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